Thursday, January 10, 2013

George Dewey Slay, Sr.
on his horse SILVER
Taken in Hazlehurst, MS in 1944

D. A. SLAY (Daniel Alexander Slay) "Sandy"
Died Aug. 27, 1922
Age 53 years

Gone but not forgotten

A precious one from us has gone
   A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
   Which never can be filled.
God in His wisdom has recalled,
   The boon his love had given,
And though the body slumbers here,
   The soul is safe in heaven.

(Sandy was the son of Alex Slay, Jr. and Mary Amanda (Martin) Slay)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Russell & Bass Families, Copiah & Lawrence Counties, MS

standing, first woman from left, is Sarah Elizabeth (Bass) Russell, wife of Fletcher Russell. Next to her are 3 of her daughters, Mattie, Ella and Babe. On right end is Claude H. Bass.  In front left is Pearl Bass, then another daughter, Cola, and Sarah's only son, George Washington Russell, who served as a state representative. Uncle George Russell lived in the Shady Grove community east of Hazlehurst. Seated behind Uncle George is his wife, Lena.

Fletcher Russell and wife, Sarah Elizabeth
(Bass) Russell. Sarah Elizabeth was a daughter
of James Albert Bass of Lawrence and Copiah Counties, MS

Sarah Elizabeth and Fletcher at home

Uncle George Russell's home at
Shady Grove

Carroll Stevens' Gas Station, Hazlehurst, Mississippi

Mr. Carroll Stevens (left), operated a gas station in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. He also ran some cattle. Pictured with him here is his nephew, Glyn Stevens Slay, son of Carroll's sister, Beulah Stevens Slay.

Carroll Stevens is the largest cash benefactor in the history of Sardis Baptist Church, near Hazlehurst, Mississippi.

Letter from G V Massey to Emma B Reeves 1964

A wonderful letter from G. V. Massey, II - a Slay
descendant and genealogist - detailing some of
his understanding of early generations of the
Slay family in America. Where he refers to the
early William Slay, alias Lloyd, I believe that the
alias was not of "Lloyd" but of "Slayd". This can be seen as a mis-reading of the variant cursive
of SL and LL. I reviewed the document and
feel sure that it was Slayd, a mis-spelling of Slay.

Young's School, Copiah County, circa 1915

P. J. Young's School, Northeastern Copiah County, circa 1915front row, left to right: Mary Ann Barron, Eula Barron, Edward Bridges, Sadie Slay, Murl Bridges, Susie Bridges, Hazel Barron, T.J. Slay, Floyd Young.
second row, left to rt: Hance Barron, Odele Bridges, Esther Sojourner, Clark Sojourner, Dan Sojourner, Berry Young, Bessie Mae Williams, Blanche Young, Leroy Williams, Theodosia Bridges. Teacher: Dot Nichols, who married Clifton Young

Rev. Carney Slay, son of Nathan Slay

Gravestone of Rev. Carney Slay
and wife Elisabeth (Shoemaker) Slay
in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Wayne
County, Mississippi